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Montauk Pool & Spa / Bennett Pools service division is committed to providing the best possible service. Montauk Pool & Spa strives to to satisfy the needs of each individual client, and prides itself on personal service.

John Bennett Jr. is a service professional with over 20 years of experience in the pool and spa business. He has achieved accredidation from the North East Spa & Pool Association (NESPA) and continues to receive high awards towards continuing education and business related developments within the industry.

John Jr. has developed many techniques to combat the ever changing and challenging environment of pool chemistry.

The (NESPA) trained employees, as well as John himself, are always learning and attending tech classes to improve the service of Montauk Pool & Spa / Bennett Pools.




OPENING- $525.00 plus chemicals, this includes a complete maintenance check, water balance, brush, skim and vacuuming of pool.  Pool will be brought to a swimmable condition. Spa opening $400.00


CLOSING- $475.00 plus chemicals, this includes a complete shutdown, winterization of pipes and equipment and water preparation for the winter.  Spa closing in ground $425.00 / Spa closing portable $375.00


WEEKLY SERVICE- A complete check for free available chlorine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, and PH levels. The pool will be chemically balanced vacuumed and brushed.

Chemicals are additional with an average of $22.00 to $25.00 weekly depending on environment.


Weekly service price of $62.00 applies to pools 20 x 40 or smaller

 Weekly service price of $65.00 applies to pools 20 x 41 or larger

Weekly service price of $52.00 applies to spas and hot tubs

Weekly service price of $85.00 applies to pool / hot tub combos


DISCOUNTS: (OPENING AND CLOSING) Montauk Pool & Spa and Bennett Pools offers a 25% discount on opening or closing for a seasonal contract referral.  The referral may be used for one year only.  We offer this opportunity to our current and new customers.


*Please note if you are only having your pool opened and closed with no service the opening and closing price is $625.00 plus chemicals, also if you have a non Loop Loc cover system, the opening cost is 675.00

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